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There are a number of steps required to ensure a quality interior or exterior paint job for your home or business premises. Many people watch DIY home improvement type shows but they don’t realize that using the wrong products at the wrong time or in the wrong way can seriously damage their building, or that problems can result when trying to paint without proper preparation or required tools. When working with our specialized painting contractors at Five Star Painting, you can expect superior results without damage or negative effects to your home or commercial property.

Color Consultations

At Five Star Painting, our skilled painters have the expertise to provide you with the right interior and exterior painting solutions for your home or commercial property. We know that color sets a mood and can also make a room appear smaller with dark colors and larger with light colors and that the perception of color appears to change with different lighting. We offer color consultations to ensure you are happy with your chosen interior and exterior painting color palette.

Interior Painting Preparation

When we undertake an interior painting project, our painting contractors fully prepare the interior of your home to protect all of your belongings and provide a clean and precise final product. For example, we protect flooring and large pieces of furniture with drop cloths, plastic or builder’s paper taped down at the edges. Before painting, we remove switch plates, outlet covers, and window blinds/shades as well as all surface mounted or hanging light fixtures. Further we protect window glass with plastic and/or painter’s tape.

Exterior Painting Preparation

All buildings have layers of dirt, cobwebs, mildew and/or algae that requires removal prior to the application of any painting products. Power washing is one of the most important steps to prepare exteriors for painting and it is crucial to ensure the paint adheres properly. Our skilled professionals will power wash your property with the right cleaners and nozzles for the job and then allow the time necessary for surfaces to dry properly. Next we scrape any loose paint, again so that the paint adheres correctly and also to extend of life of the paint.

Drywall Repairs

Our drywall contractors have the training and skills to perform simple to complex drywall repairs in your home including replacing or repairing sheet rock, scraping, taping, mudding and texturing and sanding. We also caulk cracks along door jambs, baseboards and ceiling crown molding.

Interior & Exterior Primer & Paint Process

Five Star Painting only uses superior paints and related materials from major painting manufacturers you know and trust. For interior painting projects, primer and paint is applied by brush and roller whenever possible. In regards to exterior painting projects, our painting contractors treat all exposed surfaces with premium bonding primers to seal the surface and provide a sound foundation for proper adhesion of the new paint.

Daily Job Site Clean Ups

At the end of each work day, Five Star Painting will clean up and remove all supplies, tools, and trash. All trash is removed and disposed of properly off-site. We won’t pack your trash can full the day after Republic Services of Southern Nevada empties it! We will also put the furniture back where it belongs, rehang shades and blinds, and replace all switch plates and outlet covers. When we leave, your rooms will be ready for you to enjoy!

Painting Inspection

A formal walk through is conducted with you and a Five Star Painting foreman and/or project manager to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work.

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